Newbie Mixologist: A Simple Times Mixer Collab

I am by no means a master in the kitchen or behind the bar. I grew up eating casseroles and watching my parents and their friends barbecue while drinking beers and Zimas. (oh the 90’s) Fast forward to college and I would legit tell the bartender to make me something pretty and taste good and…

Coco’s Bistro: A Gem City Mama Review

I tend to be the go to person in my circle of friends when it comes to restaurant recommendations and Coco’s Bistro is always at the top of my list. They use amazing ingredients, offer unique and delicious options, and always execute it all beautifully.

My Boudoir Why

“…if you’ve ever thought about doing a boudoir shoot stop thinking and just do it. Don’t wait till your body is “perfect”, flaunt what your mama gave you. Embrace you, because it’s beautiful.”