I need DELIVERANCE. I need saved. I need to be set free.

Wardrobe Round-Up: Week 5

Okay, It’s FINALLY fall in Ohio! We got a couple weeks of “Indian summer” and I wasn’t feeling it one bit. I’m so ready for sweaters, boots, and slouchy knit hats! My inner fall goddess is rejoicing this morning and embracing all things fall… With all the Halloween activities in the back half of the…

Inkwell Press 360 Planner Assembly

Hello there! I wanted to share my new planner with all of you and show you why I enjoy it so much. This isn’t my first Inkwell Press Planner and it definitely won’t be my last. However this is the first time I got the “build your own” planner and I have to say, I’m…

My Boudoir Why

“…if you’ve ever thought about doing a boudoir shoot stop thinking and just do it. Don’t wait till your body is “perfect”, flaunt what your mama gave you. Embrace you, because it’s beautiful.”

April 2018

It’s been a minute since my last blog post. In all honesty I needed a little breather…

Joy Robber pt. II

They say slow and steady always wins the race, but what happens when that race is being run on the quicksands of anxiety?


I survived the first year of my 30’s…barely.