Portrait By Molly Wireman

Where do we even begin here folks? Truthfully writing my own bio seems super weird, and slightly awkward, but I guess it needs to be done since quite a few people land here according to my blog stats. Anyways… Hi! I’m Samara. I’ve lived in Dayton going on 4 years now, but grew up in the area and have floated between here and Cincinnati much of my adult life. I’m married to the sweetest man, Kyle and we have two sweet girls, Charlotte (8) and Freya (1). Being wife and mama to them are my world and fulfill me in ways 20 something year old me would of never imagined. In my spare time I run my Monat business, spend time with my eclectic and talented group of friends and enjoy the finer things in life like wine from Aldi and the reality show “Desperate Housewives”. If your new here, welcome! And if you’ve been around get ready for some changes in the back half of 2019. This mama has plans, and a reboot in store for you. So sit tight, laugh with me, cry with me, and just hang out. It’s bound to be an interestingly good time.

My Hubby and I
photo: Tonya Espy Photography
Just a couple of kiddos enjoying summer.