About The Gem City Mama

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The Gem City Mama is exactly that. A Mama, living in Dayton, Ohio. Samara is a SAHM embarking on life in her 30’s and looking at what life at this stage consist of. She comes from a small town in southwestern Ohio where Friday nights were spent at the football field, her friends parents were farmers, and bleach blonde hair was a must. However this girl wanted more. Upon her college graduation she made her way east to the city of Portland, Maine. Here she landed a great job in the crazy world of retail, gave birth to her oldest child, Charlotte (age 8) and learned a lot about life and how to survive all in her early twenties.

Fast forward to now and you’ll see a much different picture. She found and married the love of her life all thanks to a dating app in 2016. She and her husband Kyle have built and grown an ever changing, perfectly-imperfect blended family consisting of the human and furry kinds. They welcomed their (first and only together) youngest daughter, Freya in December 2017. The addition of this little babe was the missing connection their family needed to make them whole and truly one.

In her free time Samara enjoys the many shops and eateries available in Dayton. The more locally based, the better! She also likes reading, re-heating her coffee 10 times a day, listening to podcast about ghost stories or true crime, and (over) sharing her family’s adventures on her social media outlets. On top of this blog, she’s also a contributing blogger at Dayton Mom’s Blog, where she touches on topics ranging from all things SAHM life, fashion, marriage, relationships after becoming parents and much more. She also loves the community that has emerged here in the Dayton area and interacting with fellow Dayton bloggers, photographers, small business owners, and artist of varying types.

My Hubby and I.
photo: Tonya Espy Photography

These two girls are my heart and soul.