An open letter…

*I have had a lot of time and reflection when it comes to this post. I have made edits, as what I stated in the original post could be seen as hurtful and mean. I will however state that my feelings were real and they were valid. It’s how I felt at the time, and in some ways still feel today. So if you find yourself here reading and find some of it to be the same and some of it to be new that’s because it’s both. Also, any mean or degrading comments will be ignored and deleted just like they were last time. If you are worried your personal feelings may get in the way of reading this personal (to me) post then do us both the favor and move on to the next post. I’ve said my peace (for the second time now) and truly mean to move on from all of this going forward.*

To Whom It May Concern,

We sold the house and your ghost along with it.

Since walking into this place 2 summers ago I’ve never truly felt at home here. You were lurking around every corner. Your touch visibly tarnished every surface. The dark, cold energy you omitted while residing here still clung to every inch of this place. Everyone could feel the sadness you left behind and see the torment you must of felt in the varying choices made throughout the home.

I knew the history of this broken fairytale. I knew about the fights, the lies, the heartbreak. I knew some of the secrets told between lovers. I knew of the pain you experienced. I honestly can’t say that I blame you for some of the actions made within these walls (long before me) and the continued actions still made nearly 3 years on.

I know, without a shadow of a doubt, the day we turn over the keys I’ll finally be free of this place. However…a piece of you will forever be trapped here. You made sure of that on your own accord. I’m sorry you will never find the peace that I will upon walking out that door. I’m sorry that the loss of this place, and what happened to you here will forever haunt you. I can only hope you find peace in whatever form that takes.

I think about what the new inhabitants will think when they walk across the threshold. Will they feel the painful energy as well? Will they sense the bad that happened here? Or will the tiny bits of good I hopefully brought to this place settle the demons for awhile? As your ghost lingers on here I can only hope it doesn’t continue to haunt others as it did me.

It’s crazy how our lives paralleled slightly in this location. Two women, walking into this place, with the same man, thinking this is the start to something amazing. However that’s where your story ended and mine continues on elsewhere.

For now it’s goodbye and good riddance. I won’t miss this place, nor will my husband. It (and you) already took so much from him (and he from you) and he’s ready to shed the dead weight and forget. This haunted house will merely be a notch on the timeline of my life, and for that I am grateful. I can only hope it becomes a distant memory for you as well. One we can both look back on, if only for fleeting moments, then forget. 


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